Vision Plus Display Unit
All the features and benefits of the Vision Plus™ PRO system integrated into the existing MD4 display of Taylor X-Series models.
The Vision Plus™ Integrated system is only available on Taylor® X-Series forklifts and material handling equipment.
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Vision Plus™ Integrated Display Key Features

  • Does NOT require additional display, electrical control box, or speed sensor for operation as the other Vision Plus systems do. Less components to mount and install results in a cleaner look with a quicker installation time.
  • A designated portion of the MD4 display is used to show the top-view quadrant alerts.
  • The same audible alarm used in both the standard Vision Plus system and the Vision Plus PRO system is used to have a consistent alert for operators in facilities running both types of Vision Plus. This alarm is mounted in the right end of the dash stand behind the cupholder.

Vision Plus™ Camera Key Features

  • Rugged construction, designed for use in industrial environments and to withstand outdoor elements
  • The machined aluminum enclosure is anodized for improved durability and apperence.
  • A Gore® vent is incorporated to allow air exchange while keeping moisture out.
  • O-ring sealed connector
Vision Plus Camera

Available Downloads

Vision Plus™ Manual
Vision Plus - Manual
Vision Plus™ Brochure
Vision Plus - Brochure

A. Vision Plus™ is a driver assistance system which is intended to alert drivers of certain potentially dangerous situations. It does not replace any functions drivers would ordinarily perform in driving a motor vehicle, nor does it decrease the need for drivers to stay vigilant and alert in all driving conditions, to conform to all safe driving standards and practices, and to obey all traffic laws, rules and regulations.

B. Vision Plus™ is not an automated driving system and it does not act as a substitute for any aspect of driver vehicle control or safe driving practices. Drivers are strongly cautioned not to rely on Vision Plus™ as a replacement, to even the slightest degree, for exercising all due caution in assuring that they are driving safely and avoiding accidents. By Installing Vision Plus™, you will be acknowledging and agreeing to operate the Product in accordance with the Safety Instructions and Warnings set forth below. If you do not agree to these terms, please return the Product to your dealer, in its original packing materials, within 30 days of purchase, for a full refund.

C. While Vision Plus™ represents a state of the art innovation in machine vision software and other technologies, it cannot and does not guarantee 100% accuracy in the detection of pedestrians, vehicles or driving lanes, nor in providing warnings of all potential hazards. In addition, road, weather, and other conditions can adversely affect the Vision Plus™ system’s recognition and response capabilities. Accordingly, drivers should not rely on the Vision Plus™ system to assure their driving safety, but rather should continue to rely on safe driving practices.

D. Drivers should exercise caution in using the Vision Plus™ Display Unit. Always maintain full concentration on keeping a clear travel path when referring to the Vision Plus™ Display Unit.