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The Next Generation of Pedestrian Detection for Mobile Industrial Equipment.

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Vision Plus™
Powered by Mobileye®.

Vision Plus™ - Powered by Mobileye is the next generation in pedestrian detection aids for operators of powered industrial vehicles.  Vision Plus™ uses industrial grade cameras and operator displays to provide the driver with real-time information concerning location and tracking of pedestrians around the vehicle.  Vision Plus™ systems can be installed on nearly any industrial vehicle including forklifts, reachstackers, cranes, mining, and construction vehicles. The system can be custom for the application making nearly all mobile machinery capable of having the next generation in pedestrian detection aids.

Using a series of cameras mounted in various locations on the equipment, the operator is able to monitor pedestrian activity around the vehicle by means of a display mounted in the operator’s station. Distinct audible alarms and a system of warning lights alert the operator of a pedestrian within a specific operating range of his equipment.  Patented technology enables Vision Plus™ to ignore non-pedestrian obstacles, significantly reducing the number of alarms to the operator and pedestrians.  This functionality - unique to Vision Plus™ - ensures that only the most important information is provided to the operator.  Rugged components and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide a pedestrian detection aid that will add to the operator's practice of clearing the area with direct vision.

Vision Plus™ - Pedestrian Detection Aid.


Mobile material handling equipment including powered industrial trucks

Detection Zones:

Customizable coverage area. Up to 360° coverage depending upon application

Detection Range:

45 feet minimum from vehicle boundary


Upright static and moving pedestrians within the camera(s) field of view


• Audible signal to operator with manually adjustable control.

• Visual signal to operator by means of separate in cabin display module

• Level 1 warning for pedestrians located within the detection range

• Level 2 warning for moving pedestrians whose trajectory may potentially cross the vehicle trajectory

•Controls for external alarm to the pedestrian

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